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There’s so much I could say about this project!


My idea for the aesthetic of this album was to make it all sound like a weird dream. Many of Keeley’s vocals were recorded at home into her laptop, so part of the challenge was making that sound deliberate.


The music needed a range of different production processes to create the final album and give it variety. Start Again for example began with dropping one of Keeley’s sketches over a drum beat, Matt responded with synth riffs, I created the arrangement and finally Keeley rerecorded the vocal you hear on the track. For It’s Raining and Look to Yourself the process was completely different. Long time friend and guitarist Mark Creswell come to the studio and played as Keeley explored ideas and ways of singing each tune (these are the only vocals she recorded at the studio). I then edited these sessions into the arrangements you hear and Matt added his parts and embellished these arrangements. 


I’m really pleased with the final sound of this album. I’m glad that Keeley was open to the idea of exploring those different processes and the sonic worlds that opened.

Find it here!

Keeley Forsyth
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